YUX Design Studio_稚瞳工业视觉 是创建高品质三维数据和令人惊叹的数字图像专家,无论您是制造商,设计工作室或是广告代理商,我们都可以为您提供超真实的广告标准创意解决方案。通过最具天赋和经验丰富的团队的不断努力,使用最前沿的技术,为您创造无比真实的三维图像。成立以来我们一直致力于为客户创造创意性的吸引人的三维视觉表现作品。高端技术的不断使用为客户形成新创意,灵活的改善产品质量提供便利。我们使用三维模型创建多用途的高端图像和动画,从造型设计到交互产品演示和商业广告。挑战虚拟世界的无限可能是我们的目标。

YUX Design Studio is the expert in creating high quality 3D data and creating stunning digital imagery, whether you are a manufacturer agency, design studio or an advertising, we can produce photo-realistic advertising standard creative solutions. The constant dedication of the most experienced and talented team is to create fantastic 3D imagery of unsurpassed realism using the most up to date technologies. Our focus since starting has been to produce creative, fascinating 3D visualisation works for clients. The continuing use of our high-end techniques allows our customers to form new ideas, react flexibly and improve the quality of their products. We use 3D models to generate high-end images and animations for any purpose, form styling design to interactive product configurators and commercial advertisement. Challenge the possibilities of the virtual world is our goal.
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